Why You Should Bike with a Tahaanga Shirt


Spring is just around the corner, and after months of sitting inside a dark closet or hallway, it's time to bring out that trusty bike of yours! Give it a good polish and watch it shine like new. Biking is one of the most efficient and effective workouts, both on the open road and in a class. But there's one thing that bothers you - the sweat! So what do you do? Wear an undershirt? Change as soon as you get to your destination? No, and no. Solution: put on a Tahaanga shirt. 

The Dress Shirt Suited for Biking

For those who want to look sleek and stylish when they hop on a bike, a Tahaanga mens dress shirt is your best option. With 5 performance properties that never fade, it acts like your favorite gym shirt; the only difference is that our performance properties are woven into our fabric, with no use of chemicals!

1. Breathability  

Unique breathability ensures better degree of comfort, and helps combat overheating.

2. Odor Resistance 

Ceramic and silver ions ensure odor control, so you can arrive to your destination still feeling fresh!

3. Quick Dry

Unique yarn composition guarantees dry body and shirt, even after miles of cycling.

4. Wrinkle Resistance 

Chemical-free process ensures wrinkle resistant shirts under your jacket.

5. Moisture Control 

Specialized yarns guarantee moisture wicking - no more sweat stains!

Designed in New York City, our men's dress shirts are also great for the gentleman who commutes to work on a Citibike. Made in Italy of high quality that New Yorkers love, our innovative fabrics that are sustainably woven in France guarantees you total dryness from home to the office. 

Cut carbon emissions by avoiding driving and embrace the active lifestyle of cycling culture. Now you can look good, stay dry, while being healthy and contributing to the wellness of our environment at the same time! 

How Should a Dress Shirt Fit?

One of the most important and necessary staple garment in a man's closet: the dress shirt. Most of us have our favorite dress shirt (or two), but how many actually know the perfect fit for your body type? In this edition of the Tahaanga blog, we will be talking about the specific points to look out for when trying on a dress shirt. 


Find Your Fit

There is more than just one type of dress shirt fit. In addition to the classic fit (which will depend on the men's dress shirt companies), there is the extra slim fit, slim fit, and the regular fit. It is up to the wearer to decide how they want their dress shirt to look on them - modern and tight-fitting; loose and traditional; or somewhere in between? 


The Classic Fit 

The sophisticated fit for CEO and boardroom meetings, the classic dress shirt is the most relaxed fit of all 4. The shirt will have generous room around the chest, with loose armholes and sleeves. 



The Regular Fit

Slightly more fitted than a classic, the regular fit features a relaxed armhole, wide collar, and a comfortable opening at the waist. 

The Slim/Tailored Fit

More clean cut throughout, the slim fit dress shirt is catered to customers who want to explore a more form-fitting dress shirt without feeling restricted. The shirt is narrower through the chest, with a slightly higher armhole; straight sleeves; and tapered towards the waist. 

The Extra-Slim Fit 

The most precise-fitting dress shirt there is, the body-conscious fit will undoubtedly enhance your figure. This is the dress shirt for the fashion-forward and modern gentleman. It fits exact across the chest; has tight armholes; a narrow collar; slim sleeves and a close-fitting opening at the waist. 

For more information on how to properly fit a dress shirt, see this fun video from the Nordstrom Men's Shop on how to find your perfect shirt.

New Year, New Healthy You

New year, new healthy you! Is eating clean your new year's resolution for 2017? Start working towards that now. The sooner you act on this goal, the better results you'll achieve. Here are a few simple and effective ways to improve the new you. 

1. You are what you eat. Accomplish your healthy new year's resolution by cutting off all the junk in your diet. Replace those unhealthy cravings with carrots and celery - your body will thank you in no time! Salmon, almonds, spinach and broccoli are one of the few healthy and brain-boosting foods you can introduce to your diet. 

2. Drink less coffee. We know that projects and deadlines are right around the corner, but grabbing that 4th cup of coffee will just set you up for a crash. The key diet that will provide lasting energy is one that's rich in protein, fiber, and complex carbohydrates.

3. Balance. Was 2016 a stressful year for you? All of that tension turns into knots in your muscles. Get rid of them by practicing some yoga - this will relax both your mind and body. Perhaps a successful head stand can be your resolution for the next year! 

4. Start meditating! There's no need to add further stress to your mind and body this year. Control your breathing and clear your head. Even 10-15 minutes of meditation at the workplace will do! 

5. Last but not least, sleep. Too many of us don't get enough rest and that lack of sleep disrupts your brain and body more than you would know. It is important to get the right amount of rejuvenation. Time for that siesta! Side note: no matter how wrinkle-free your Tahaanga dress shirt may be, we don't recommend sleeping in it though! 

Stay healthy!