Combining Fashion & Technology, we improve people's lives with simple, elegant,  versatile clothing that performs. Our mission: Work, Bike, Play. No Sweat.

TAHAANGA™ -- naked in Maori -- is a New York-based start-up, pioneering technology driven men’s luxury dress wear with a “barely there, almost but not quite naked” feel.

TAHAANGA Smart Dress Wear is the Next Gen in luxury performance menswear -- where Fashion meets Technology. The James Collection dress shirts fuse style and design with functional attributes: moisture-control, breathability, quick-dry, wrinkle-resistant, anti-bacterial / odor-resistant.  

Our proprietary fabric, sustainably woven in France, is first-to-market in North America. Designed in the heart of NYC's garment district, our shirts are crafted by a renowned fifth-generation family-owned workshop, located in northern Italy.

The Beginning: An Idea is Born


As a fashion trend expert, TAHAANGA's founder Manuela Fassbender was quick to identify a niche market -- a growing gap between athletic wear and stylish, luxury men’s dress wear. 

Then there was the 'The New York Times' Shaun White photograph.  Shaun, snowboarding in a beautifully cut suit and shirt.

White’s image -- an inspiration -- re-confirmed Manuela's vision -- a brand fusing futuristic smart textiles, wearable technology and function with luxury men’s dress wear.

CRAFTED IN FRANCE:  Sustainably Woven Proprietary Fabric

Manuela searched the globe to find the best shirt fabric -- combining advanced performance properties with a natural cotton fiber. It took some time but she found an amazing mill in a quiet corner of the French countryside. With 50-plus years of experience, they serve the most discerning Clientele from around the world. Now they are sustainably handcrafting TAHAANGA's custom, unique fabric.

The result? A beautiful shirt fabric -- manufactured from a luxurious, two-ply European cotton blend featuring advanced performance properties, retaining a uniquely soft handle.  Unlike chemically treated fabrics, performance properties are woven into TAHAANGA™ shirts and, they never wash away!

Visit the mill where our luxury fabric is created:

MADE IN ITALY: Bringing Italian Craftsmanship to TAHAANGA™

Our fabric travels from France to a small workshop in northern Italy ensuring the highest possible craftsmanship. It took us months to find our renowned partner - a fifth generation family owned business.

The SHIRT: The James Collection. Providing Men with a Simple, Elegant, Reliable Solution

The James is TAHAANGA's first collection of men’s dress shirts, featuring advanced performance properties and impeccable styling -- affording every man worry-free comfort, while remaining stylish and fresh all day long. 

From casual, semi-formal to black tie fair - a clean, crisp TAHAANGA shirt will keep you sweat-stain free, fresh -- all day and all night. 

SUSTAINABILITY: An Important Part of our Mission

Our natural European cotton blend incorporates state of the art poly-fiber, manufactured from 100% post-consumer waste. The mechanical, chemical-free process helps produce a hi-tech certified quality yarn. 

Pulling its water directly from a local river, after treatment, the filtered water flows back to the river. Remaining bacterial sediments are recycled for use as fertilizer. Our process is 100% traceable saves 94% of water, 32% of Co2 and 60% of energy with comparison to traditional manufacturing processes.


TAHAANGA's corporate mission includes sustainability. We honor our pledge daily by donating 5% of our net profits to Water.org

Water.org provides clean water and sanitation solutions to communities throughout the world.