How to Wash Your Wrinkle Resistant Dress Shirt

In need of some spring cleaning? Your favorite dress shirt will get dirty from time to time. With proper care, a high quality dress shirt like ours can last for several years, continue to maintain performance properties and never fade. In this post, we’re going to break down four washing and caring methods that'll make your fast-paced life easy. 

1. One of the best ways to care for a TAHAANGA wrinkle resistant shirt is to machine wash it. Simply toss it in the washing machine on normal cycle and you're all set! 40 C, (104 F)


2. Take your Tahaanga shirt to your favorite dry cleaners. There's nothing more hassle-free than dropping off your button down shirt, getting it back the next day, with sweat-wicking properties that never faded!


3. Traveling and don't have time for laundry? Simply hand wash your wrinkle resistant button down shirt and line dry it anywhere you are, at any time. Its quick-dry property will make sure your shirt will feel like it just got out of the tumble dryer. 


4. No need for ironing - get unwanted creases out of your dress shirt just by hanging it in the bathroom while you shower! By the time you get ready, your Tahaanga dress shirt will look as good as new: wrinkle resistant. And don't worry about a mildew smell either - it's odor resistant!