Life's Most Stressful Moments: Dating Series

Life's Most Stressful Moments: Dating Series

Tips from Guys Women Love to Date

Are you thinking about your dating luck this spring? The trees are blooming, you may be inspired to go to the gym every day, show off your toned body and plan to catch the eye of a certain, someone? Well, do not fret about it, because noticed you will. Happy spring everyone!


We know... we know, first dates are always nerve racking. We also know TAHAANGA is your ride-to-die! Look sophisticated in your Tahaanga shirt, and smile. Love is in the air. Our Tahaanga team lovingly put together a few suggestions for our style power elite followers. Allow us to give you some advice on first dates.


Tip #1: When you are asking someone out, make sure you show how charming you are. Deep down inside, you are freaking out, but you also know that if you wear your quick-to-dry TAHAANGA dress shirt you will be fine. You can relax when you are sweating. So, sweat away!


Tip #2: Never think that someone is out of your league! Let them like you for who you are however, but dress to impress. Let them see the way you look wearing your TAHAANGA James JX 1.0 dress shirt. You are in the TAHAANGA league and everyone wants in. Tell that special someone what it represents.


Tip #3: Hello? What are you doing?! Please avoid awkward silence gaps and start talking. Get to know the person, look her in the eyes. Listen. Have meaningful conversations. And just do not even dare to look at your phone while there is awkwardness!


Tip #4: Oh, poor thing, are you losing your appetite because you are nervous on your first date? Just take a deep breath and relax. You will be fine! You look stylishly handsome with your wrinkle-resistant TAHAANGA James shirt.


Tip #5: You clicked with this person. Chances are it is going to get much better from here on. That feeling when you are about to have your first kiss with that person is amazing. So, please, make sure you have a breath mint. Practice clean, safe, fresh breath and expect abundant rewards. Leave it to your TAHAANGA shirt to keep your body fresh.


Tip #6: Do not be hesitant about asking someone out on a second date. Promise her next time you will let her try on your TAHAANGA shirt, and maybe say goodbye… until your third date.