Your 6-Day Thanksgiving Calendar

Family, football, turkey and pie. There's no better holiday than Thanksgiving, and we should all strive to make each celebration better than the last. This year, we'll be prepping you for the long weekend by providing tips on things to do for each day you're back at home.

Tuesday: Pack 

Plan ahead. With Thanksgiving day right around the corner and deadlines to be met, the smart thing to do is to be prepared early in the game. Travel lightly by taking only the essential fall items and key colors, with the help of a fashionable duffle bag

Wednesday: Suit Up

We all have the desire to impress our family members one way or the other, and clothing is one of most the important means of expression. Show up looking sharply-dressed and successful by suiting up from the work place. This way, you can just hop on the Amtrak straight after work! A performance dress shirt might make your travel a little easier. 

Thursday: Carve

The fourth Thursday of November makes a great opportunity to perfect turkey carving. Help out around the house and put those knife skills to work! Learn how to do so with these 9 simple steps. Gobble up!

Friday: Walk it Off

The best way to get rid of all that turkey weight is to go on a beautiful hike. Put on those boots and start walking. You'll be rewarded with breathtaking views, no matter where you are. Plus, your body will surely thank you. 

Saturday: Family Football Game

Another great way to preserve tradition while maintaining a healthy lifestyle. On a crisp, sunny day, play a friendly game of football with your loved ones. Or, just for laughs, wear this

Sunday: Unwind... 

...With a cup of hot bourbon cider. Warm your family's hearts and souls with this mulled holiday drink. The last day at home (before returning back to the hustle and bustle at the office) should always feel tranquil. Learn the easy recipe here.

Give thanks with a grateful heart and harvest love. Happy Thanksgiving from Tahaanga!