Travel Smart, Dress the Part

As the holiday season is nearing and plane seats are filling up, we thought it might be fitting to show you the best selections of the most important travel accessory: the luggage. Now, if you're wondering why you need more baggage (pun intended), you might want to rethink trading your regular suitcase for a smart one. Stylishly equipped with phone chargers, laptop stands, GPS, removable laundry bags and more, this list of smart luggage is perfect for any tech-savy gentleman: 


1. Bluesmart Carry-On


Known as the world's first smart luggage, this carry-on can be controlled from the touch of your smartphone. Track, weigh and even lock/unlock your suitcase with the Bluesmart app. For ultimate convenience, it comes equipped with a USB charger and battery. 

Shop for $544


2. Barracuda Carry-On

This Kickstarter project became a success shortly after it was launched, thanks to its unique laptop stand feature. It comes with a 10,000 mAh battery pack for all your charging needs, a portable digital scale, and a laundry/shoe bag set. A location tracker can additionally be purchased with the luggage. 

Shop for $324


3. Away, The Medium Checked Bag

With an unbreakable, scratch-resistant material for its shell, this 4-wheeled suitcase is ideal for the frequent traveler. It features an interior compression system and a removable laundry bag to separate your used clothes - including wet swimsuits - with new and clean ones. Say goodbye to plastic bags!

Shop for $275 


4. TravelSmith Z1 22" Carry-On With Power Bank


Available in this beautiful champagne color, TravelSmith's smart luggage includes a free power bank for on-the-go charging and a practical front storage compartment for laptops. A safe and easy alternative for laptop bags! 

Shop for $189


5. Raden, The A22 Carry 


According to Condé Nast Traveler, this luggage “does everything except book your flight”. Not only is its sleek design perfect for the minimal man, but its technological features are the icing on the cake. The luggage weighs itself, by having the handle actually act as a scale. The 2 USB ports enable dual charging, and its bluetooth feature makes your baggage easy to locate with your smartphone. 

Shop for $295


6. HP Powerup Backpack 


Check out this wearable charging backpack by HP! Its 22400 mAh battery power can support any USB-charged devices such as a laptop, tablet, GPS, gaming devices and wireless headsets. With sequential charging, the order in which your devices charge can be controlled! 

Shop for $200


7. Wizpak



The smart backpack for young professionals and travellers with an active lifestyle, Wizpak is the first backpack with a built-in stereo speaker system. Its water resistant material makes it perfect for the beach/pool, and to make those parties long-lasting, it comes with a battery power of up to 15 hours! 

Shop for $599


Additional Travel Wardrobe: The Tahaanga Dress Shirt 

We've got the perfect shirt that will complement your travel style. Tahaanga's mens dress shirts are ideal for the fast-paced traveler. It may look like a regular dress shirt, but it features 5 ever-lasting performance properties, just like your favorite gym shirt: moisture-wicking, wrinkle resistant, odor resistant, quick dry and breathable. It's no longer necessary to pack a portable steamer nor wear an undershirt!  

Shop for $250

Smart luggage and smart dress wear; you're all set. Safe and stylish travels!