Back-to-Work Dress Shirts

Back-to-Work Dress Shirts

 The Back-to-Work Shirt You’ll Wear For Life.


Entrepreneurs, Dads, Travelers:

Summer has officially come to an end and we are now prepping ourselves for the fall season. This means new, exciting opportunities, changing leaves and warm cider. Stay positive with the help of the next big thing: a problem-solving, technologically-infused dress shirt. You read that right – a smart shirt. They say that a good pair of shoes can change your life – we say that a smart dress shirt can. Meet TAHAANGA's JAMES JX 1.0.


Imagine you’re running (or biking) late to work – because you’re still getting used to those ‘summer hours’ – and you arrive with odor-emitting sweat stains. Your boss, partner or a group of investors in that conference room stares at you in dismay. So is the solution to wear an undershirt? The truth is, it’s time to pack away your undershirts nonetheless. Not only are our shirts’ fabrics thick enough to cover what’s underneath, they’re also made from technically-enhanced, natural cotton fibers, so they’re extremely breathable.


Planning your next business trip can be quite stressful, and pulling out a wrinkled shirt from your carry-on will just add to the stress. Luckily TAHAANGA™ shirts are wrinkle-free! We make this happen by using sustainably woven performance fibers in our men's shirts. Make it to your meetings in a heartbeat and never iron ever again. 


Flying back home to your loved ones is probably the only thing you’d be looking forward to in a long destination flight. Stop by a business class lounge, rinse off airplane grime and put on a TAHAANGA™ shirt with delight. Don’t worry about still being humid from the shower – our shirts are moisture-wicking too! Reunite with your loved ones feeling fresh and crisp, Superdad.


A dress shirt that’s chemical free, odor and wrinkle resistant, quick drying and breathable. The shirt for work and play. If all of this doesn’t sound convincing to you, I don’t know what will.