TAHAANGA's Built-In Travel Shirt

The problem-free dress shirt.

Is your next trip to Shanghai or Scranton? We've got you covered! Add a TAHAANGA dress shirt on your list of items to pack. Carrying a portable steamer or finding an iron isn't necessary, because our mens' dress shirts are wrinkle resistant! Simply pull your James JX 1.0 dress shirt out of the luggage, hang it up, and wait for the magic to happen. 



Most of us have been in that situation where dressing in sweats is the only pleasant solution for the anticipated airplane ride. Who says you can't look fashionable and feel comfortable the same time? A re-engineered TAHAANGA shirt is woven with odor resistant and breathable properties to make your departure (and especially arrival) fresh, clean and effortless. Step out and look like you never endured an 8-hour trip. 

Running late to a meeting? You are completely encouraged to. You'll be arriving on time despite your jet lag, and still look as if you casually took a private car to the conference. Our moisture-wicking dress shirts make sure sweat stays away from the body, and the quick drying property acts to leave you, well, feeling dry! 



A 5-in-1 reinvented dress shirt that drapes and fits like a second skin. The best part about all of this is that these performance properties never fade! Unlike chemically-coated performance dress shirts, TAHAANGA's are unique in the way that the shirts will still look and feel the same, no matter how often you wash them. Call yourself a winner! 

Safe travels!