Matt Heinze : Sultan of Skin Care 

TAHAANGA - Please describe your fashion and lifestyle, what kind of a man are you:

Matt - I’m an LA-based VP of a skin care company who spends a lot of time traveling for work and fun.  My fashion style – casual, modern and well-fitting – and lifestyle – poolside, hillside, west side – are very Californian. 

T-What do you look for in a dress shirt?

M- People talk about the struggle to find the perfect pair of jeans.  For me, finding the perfect dress shirt – one that feels soft, looks sharp and fits right – is a bigger challenge. 

T - If you Google-shop for a dress shirt what words would you use?  

M - Slim fit, breathable

T - What do you love best about your TAHAANGA shirt?

M - I’ve been in it for 9 hours now and I still look freshly pressed.