How to Style a TAHAANGA Shirt

When it's too cold for tweed and too warm for a down puffer, what do you wear? The easy answer is: layers, rusty brown colors, and more layers. 

Falling between two extreme seasons gives you an advantage to mix and match what's already in your closet - or to completely transform your wardrobe into something new.

What you'll probably notice is that even within the transitional seasons, men's dress shirts are the one common denominator. What's great about a TAHAANGA dress shirt though, is that you can wear it all year round in any season, including those awkward Indian Summer months. How to style one, you may ask? Be prepared for a bit of information.

There are certainly numerous methods on how to wear our men's shirts, but we have narrowed it down to 2 of the most simple and effortless ways to style a TAHAANGA dress shirt: the dressy/formal way, and of course, the casual/sporty way. 

Lose the typical black suit and go for something bolder. Rusty brown is the color of the season, and a strict rule on just how much you can wear it is nearly inexistent (except for the one important principle to stick with different shades of brown). Our shirts' specially woven fabric from Europe is perfect for layering because it's extremely breathable and lightweight. There is never a worry about being too hot, too cold or too sweaty underneath all those suit pieces. 

Fall into something lighter on a warmer and brighter October day. Nothing says casual better than a good ol' pair of blue jeans. Layer a maroon sweater over your crisp blue TAHAANGA shirt and loosely wrap a scarf around for when it gets colder. White kicks always sharpen a sporty look up and so does accessorizing with a pair of dark shades. Since it's still bearable to bike in this weather, our moisture-wicking shirts will leave you dry anywhere you go.

Another important thing to note: taking off your suit jacket or sweater indoors won't leave you short of a wrinkle-free shirt. Feel luxurious and cool at the same time. Now go out there and try something new!