Life's Most Stressful Moments: Job Interview Series

Life's Most Stressful Moments: Job Interview Series

Manage Job Interview Related Stress Like a Leader

Job searching is stressful even the most accomplished professionals, it comes with the territory. Manage it like a leader! Once you land the interview, it feels like you are one shake hand away from the job of your dreams. It is crucial to be in your best form and look sharp. Overall confidence with style is your ticket to continued success. True leaders know how to shine regardless of the situation.

Here are six tips for anyone who is one job interview away from his next career stepping-stone.  

Tip #1: What is the first thing you should do after you get the interview? Research the company! Learn everything you can about the company culture. Every little details counts, including dress code. Know that you can count on your TAHAANGA dress shirt for the interview and beyond.


Tip #2: Always follow the appropriate men's dress code guide. Look polished and wear your crisp white TAHAANGA James JX 1.0 dress shirt to your job interview.


Tip #3: Always eat a nutritious meal before going on your job interview. You need to be energetic and focused during the whole process. It is a good habit to keep after you get your dream job too!


Tip #4: Be on time to your job interview. Show them how impressive and responsible you are and do not forget to pay attention to your outfit. Wear your favorite TAHAANGA shirt and feel great. Research shows stylish men appear more accomplished. Appearances matter, a lot.


Tip #5: Running a little late to your job interview? Well, run faster! Oh, do not worry so much... your TAHAANGA James JX 1.0 shirt will keep you fresh and crisp so keep it moving!


Tip #6: We know you are stronger than that, so give a nice, firm handshake to your interviewer. If you really want this job, show your enthusiasm like man. Shake hands like you mean it!