6 Newsletters You Need To Subscribe To

6 Newsletters You Need To Subscribe To

Image via Fashion Beans

There is absolutely no denying the amount of spam, newsletters, and email subscriptions that we receive on the reg.  Most we don't even know how we got subscribed to and the rest are just overloaded with sales, new products, and information updates that get sent to our inboxes way to often for us to care. However, there are a select few who's content is definitely worth avoiding the trash bin for. From news to food to fashion, here are our picks for newsletters to subscribe to now.

A little fashion advice never hurt anyone and Fashion Beans delivers it to you every week. Their expert team has you covered on all fronts, from fashion to grooming to the latest collections and trends. Say no more to fashion faux pas because they're your go-to-guide on what to wear, where to buy it, and how to wear it.

Image via General Assembly

They say you should never stop learning and General Assembly is making it that much easier for you to do so. Comprised of a professional community for entrepreneurs and start-ups to expand their 21st century skills, the organization offers courses, workshops, and networking opportunities to upgrade your knowledge in everything from coding to design to marketing. Their newsletter is really a hidden gem with information on classes and events happening all over the world so why not take advantage?

Image via The Skimm

The Skimm is a witty, quick-to-the-point news source that can appeal to anyone no matter your age or political view. It's curated in a way that lacks any and all visual content but is such a pleasurable, understanding read that you don't even realize it's not there. Plus, it will be sitting in your inbox daily at 7am ready to catch you up to speed on what's going on in the world and in the most enjoyable way possible. 

Image via Nowness

Nowness is a global video channel that keeps you culturally savvy and inspired with curated content from the areas of art, design, fashion, beauty, food, music, and travel. They pride themselves as a movement of creative storytelling by exposing different influencers and lifestyles from around the world. This subscription will not only give you unique talking points, but will keep your friends wondering how you're always the first to know everything before it's cool. 

Image via Tasting Table

While Tasting Table targets extreme food enthusiasts, it's written with such quality and an expert staff straight from Condé Nast that basically anyone who eats food (aka all of us) can relate to. Full of dining guides, trusty recipes, cooking advice, and food news and trends from all over the world, you'll be sure to learn a thing or two to spice up your daily palette and if all else fails, it's a great tool to impress a date. Also, they just announced the launch of their new app called DINE so you can have instant access 24/7.

At Tahaanga, we try to keep it simple, curated, and most importantly, straightforward. We want you to be the coolest guy in the room from what you're wearing, to what you know. If you haven't already, subscribe to our newsletter here and get an exclusive invite (and 20 % off) to our WeWork X TAHAANGA Holiday Trunk Show on December 8th from 4-6pm. We promise you won't be disappointed!