Why You Need A TAHAANGA Shirt

Why You Need A TAHAANGA Shirt

TAHAANGA Smart Dress Wear represents the next generation in luxury performance menswear. Breathability, moisture control, wrinkle and odor resistance - these are just a few things that put TAHAANGA at the forefront of fashion and technology. We're committed to being the first in North America to push the limits on style, design and functionality so you can bike, work, play. No sweat.


Did you know...

TAHAANGA's proprietary fabric technology is sustainably woven in France and crafted by a renowned fifth generation family-owned Italian mill. 

TAHAANGA shirts are free of chemical coatings and applications and their performance properties never wash out or fade. 

TAHAANGA is designed in the Garment District in NYC and produced in Italy. 

Just think of a TAHAANGA shirt as having all the properties of your best athletic gear, but fashioned into your favorite dress shirt. These shirts are perfect for today's active lifestyle; taking you from biking to boardroom meetings to happy hour.


How it all started...

With years of experience as a Trend Expert, TAHAANGA Founder/Creative Director/CEO Manuela Fassbender realized there was an untapped niche market for athletic, technology-infused, and stylish luxury dress wear. Then the Shaun White photo graced The New York Times and it all began to click. 



TAHAANGA's cotton blends incorporate a poly-fiber that is manufactured 100% from consumer waste. 

After treatment, filtered water runs back into a nearby river and remaining bacterial sediments are recycled as fertilizer. 

The process is 100% traceable and saves 94% water, 32% Co2, and 60% energy. 


The Fabric

We searched around the world to find the right shirt fabric with the most advanced performance properties until we came across the mill that is now custom handcrafting our fabrics. TAHAANGA's shirts are manufactured from a luxurious, two-ply European cotton blend featuring performance properties, while retaining a uniquely soft handle. 

Once designed here in NY in the heart of the Garment District, production happens in Northern Italy to ensure we get the highest end quality possible. We have been lucky enough to have met our Italian agent, Lorella, who is an expert in production in Italy and works with only the best manufacturer. It is extremely important to us to build relationships with the people we are collaborating with, especially because the dedication, craftsmanship, and preciseness of our mill and manufacturer is truly unbeatable.

Cue back to New York where we focus on fittings with Garry who helps assure that the fit and each detail is perfected before going into production. 


We can't thank you enough for being the driving force behind our initial launch a few months ago! In light of your continued support as well as Valentine's Day this coming weekend, we thought'd we show some love so you can treat yourself. Use code VALENTINE15 to receive 20% off and free shipping in the US only on your next purchase (valid until 2.15.16)!